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           countdown and metric

All about ticker, countdown and metric
Ticker is for automated countdown to a date. Uses include countdown to important dates like ROM, Anniversary, and many more. The ticker can be for any eventsuch as pregnancy, birthdays, weddings, weight lose and other.

Since the rise in popularity of internet chat rooms, blogs and forums, tickers have taken off as a personal way to share the news of a pregnancy, a new baby and even that you're trying to conceive.

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 Step: 1 - Enter Date of Birth

Day  Month  Year 
 Step: 2 - Choose A meter

 Step: 3 - Choose A Marker

 Step: 4 - Enter your Personalised Text to appear on the top
Here are some dynamic input selections for you to add to your personalised text {babybirth_day} = DD of birth date
{babybirth_month} = MM of birth date
{babybirth_year} = YYYY of birth date
{day} = days remaining
{week} = weeks remaining
{month} = months remaining
{year} = years remaining
{year_gone} = No. of years old
{month_gone} = No. of mths old
{day_gone} = No. of days old

 Step: 5 - Choose messaage

Birthday on {babybirth_day}.{babybirth_month}.{babybirth_year}. {month} {day} to go!
{month} {day} to go!
My precious baby getting older! {month} {day} to go!
{month} {day} to birthday celebrations!
 Step: 6 - Choose background transparency
Transparent background
White background (For meters with full background please choose this)
 Step: 7 - Create Ticker!

All about ticker, countdown and metric
All about ticker, countdown and metric

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